Singer, Songwriter, & Musician

Ethan Schroeder

Ethan is an American singer-songwriter, musician, vocalist and composer. His music is an eclectic, unique and timeless blend of blues, folk/pop, rock and soul. Ethan lives in Brooklyn, NY. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and grew up in the DC/ Northern VA and NYC area and is a recent graduate of the College of Music at the University of North Texas. Prior to, and following, graduation, Ethan has spent most of his time writing, composing and recording. Occasionally, he has popped up and you might catch him playing around town, but we can all expect to see a great deal more in the coming months.

Ethan was drawn to and fascinated with multiple genres of music and musical instruments from a very young age. By the time he was 8 years old, one was unlikely to find Ethan without an instrument in his hands, whether it be the viola or violin or the piano, or to what ultimately became his truest love, the guitar (acoustic, electric, classical, steel resonator), he was always playing, singing and performing. By highschool, Ethan was writing, playing and performing Folk, Jazz, Classical and Blues music both formally in school and at venues around town and around the country. Coming from a family of civil rights and civil liberties activists, Ethan uniquely combined his passion for change and music, participating and performing in events from National Conferences to local charity events.

During his senior year Ethan was accepted into a number of music programs and made the difficult decision to walk away from offers that would have taken him directly into the music business, to attend the College of Music at The University of North Texas.

Just as he had throughout his life, Ethan was not satisfied with following one rigid prescribed path through college, so he paved his own, combining both his advanced academic interests in music theory, composition and music history with the freedom to immerse himself in what is considered more “non-traditional,” from years of studying West African Music under Prof Gideon Alorwoyie, the only tenured African percussionist in the country, to immersing himself into the world of blues music with Ricky “DirtyRed” Gordon.